Trevor Lewington


 ​​As the principle singer-songwriter for Enter The Haggis, Trevor Lewington has penned songs that have been performed multiple times on US national television, risen as high as #25 on the US Billboard charts, and attracted hundreds of thousands of plays on Youtube. His song, One Last Drink, has become a college anthem and continues to be recorded by artists from far and wide.  

His debut solo album, Lion of Grace (2016), showcases his ability to craft memorable songs, inspired by true stories. Constantly on the hunt for exciting and unusual tales, Lewington captures and communicates with the voice of a seasoned musical storyteller in the tradition of fellow Canadians like Gordon Lightfoot, Robbie Robertson and Stan Rogers. 

His passion for songwriting began when he discovered a dusty, virtually unplayable acoustic guitar behind the couch at his grandparents’ house - his grandfather had bought the guitar in the 1970’s from his down-and-out brother as a favour for $75, even though Lewington’s grandfather didn't play.  Lewington immediately felt a connection to the instrument, surrounded by the sounds of his early-1990’s mix tapes and his dad’s folk collection.  

In 1998, as a senior in high school, he began writing and performing professionally with his friend, Owen Pallett (Arcade Fire).  The duo played all of the bake sales, little league games and school dances that would have them.
 After high school, Lewington left Canada for Australia and Western Canada but reunited musically with Pallett as a member of Toronto Celtic Rock band, Enter The Haggis, in 1999.  
After seventeen years focusing all of his music efforts on Enter The Haggis, Lewington was compelled by the idea of making a solo record.  The project started as a way to release songs that he’d written for Enter The Haggis but that hadn’t worked for the band, but quickly morphed into mostly new songs written within a few months during the spring of 2016.  The album was fully funded through a Kickstarter campaign within 24 hours and reached $13,583 and 242 backers.  

Lewington is currently on tour with Craig Downie (bagpipes, whistles, trumpet, harmonica, vocals) of Enter The Haggis in support of Lion of Grace.